LaTasha Turner

LaTasha Turner

Real Estate Agent

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LaTasha Turner was born and raised in Kansas City, MO. She is a mother of three beautiful children that she adores so much. She attended East High School from 1995-1998. As the years went by, she wanted to continue her education so she decided to try something different, so she took on an accounting trade in 2009 she attended Wright Career College which she then received her accounting diploma. During the process of finishing up her trade, she decided she wanted to prepare taxes, so she then enrolled in tax classes, after completion of class she joined Liberty Tax as a tax preparer for five seasons. After graduating she realized accounting isn’t something she wanted to do. She kept going and going until she reached her goal giving up wasn’t an option for her. In 2018 she received her GED.

As years went by, she continued to work in retail and call centers until it became less interesting. She knew that it was time to find what was going to make her happy. Throughout her life she always wanted to become this person that could help someone find a home and show property but was intimidated by other’s opinion. She then realized how much she likes challenges and just wanted to be that person to assist others, so she decided to go for it. She’s now officially a licensed real estate agent, and her journey is to provide loyalty, confidence, disclosure, obedience, have reasonable care and diligence to my future clients.

She also wants to be able to lend a helping hand to the less fortunate.